Apple iPad A Big Hit On Twitter, Period


Twitter has managed to turn the Applie iPad into a running feminine hygiene joke.

By now you're probably aware that Apple's new computing machine has debuted. Unfortunately, the device is being called the iPad. Read: iPad? Meh. 10 Apple Products We Want More

Products with the name "pad" have a certain connotation, and that connotation is rather yonic in a monthly kinda way. Any reference, even inadvertent, to feminine hygiene will send almost all unmarried men running for the hills. Frankly, announcements like this give Twitter its raison d'etre.

The Twitter community really got hot and heavy with plays on words for the device, which will retail for between $500 and $1,000, depending on configuration, and include services fees from AT&T (the lazy husband of iPhone carriers) of $15 or $30, depending on usage.

Some of our favorite jokes:

@researchgoddess #ipad absorbed Twitter Lists temporarily. It's extra absorbent.

@pauljacobsin iPad: there's an applicator for that … (yes ladies, I know that isn't really correct, still funny) #apple # ipad

@susqhb Raise your hand if you agree that not one woman was in the room when they chose the name #ipad

@girlonetrack The large size tablet will be called the Max-iPad

@RonHogan: Absorb gigabytes of information comfortably with the new iPad!

@tomfoolerytm It's hard to trust any device that can be unplugged for three days and not die #ipad

And the YourTango office has to say:

  • iPon, the world's first 'smart' tampon.
  • I wonder if it even came up in conversation: "Will people think of menstruation?" "No! It's not possible." "iPad it is." Then someone bangs a gavel.
  • It's for those heavy computing days.
  • It's so slim that most people don't even know you're using it.
  • Will men be scared to touch it?

Yes, yes we will be.

Holler with iPad jokes, if you're into soaking up the fun.