McConaughey's Baby Mama Wants To Make It Legal


Camila Alves wants Matt to make an honest woman of her.

Matthew McConaughey's girlfriend, Camila Alves, just delivered the couple's second child, a daughter, at the beginning of the month, and now her mom is pushing her to get Matt to make their arrangement legal. "Camila's mother is very traditional, and she's worried that since they are not married, Matthew could leave her daughter high and dry with two kids if he falls out of love with her," a source told The National Enquirer.

Camila and Matthew's first child, son Levi, was born in 2008. The Enquirer's source appears not to know that regardless of what arrangement Camila and Matthew have, as the kids' biological father, Matthew is legally required to provide support for those children. But that small matter of civil law doesn't appear to be enough for Camila's mom. "She's been telling Cam that she needs to force Matthew into a financial agreement," the source continued, "but when Cam brought it up, Matthew exploded. He said, 'I'll always take care of our babies—and you!'" Denise Richards Thinks Money Is Neat

Hmm. Can any of you really see Matthew McConaughey exploding? Maybe if one of the kids ate his stash. He seems more of a "sure, whatever, help yourself to my wallet, dollface" kind of fellow, and we've never heard of him treating ex-girlfriends in a particularly unkind way; it's been years since he and Sandra Bullock dated, and they're reportedly still friends. We find it hard to believe not just that Matthew would "explode," but also that he wouldn't support his kids if he ever split up with their mother. He seems like an essentially upstanding kind of guy.

Nevertheless, as we've seen with the general John Edwards unpleasantness, The National Enquirer is at times absolutely correct, however disgusting the truth may be. For the sake of those pretty, shirtless kids, we hope Matthew and Camila stay together a long time, though.

Via Celebitchy. Photo via Bauer-Griffin.