What Really Goes On In Sex Rehab?

sex rehab
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Tiger's in it, Dr. Drew has a TV show about it, so what happens at sex rehab?

While the treatment center will not confirm it, Tiger Woods is rumored to be undergoing sex rehab in Mississippi, where his wife Elin Nordergren has reportedly visited him.

Tiger is just the latest celebrity in what appears to be a slew of notable people (David Duchovny, Steve Phillips) checking in to sex rehab following a public sex scandal. Accurate numbers don't exist, but a Time expert believes that approximately 5 percent of Americans suffer from sex addiction, most of whom are men. Is Your Partner a Sex Addict?

Sex rehab differs from other treatment programs in that the goal isn't to be sex-free; a substance abuser can abstain for the rest of their life, but swearing off sex isn't healthy for a sex addict. Instead, addicts strive to be free from unhealthy sexual obsessions. Inside The Mind Of A Sex Addict

According to Time, here's what goes down in treatment. First, a patient works to uncover the roots of his compulsion. It's difficult for an addict to distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate sex, so the second step is a "reality check" to help him realize which behavior isn't normal. Then the patient and specialists identify what precipitates the person's addictive behavior and work out a plan to combat the triggers. Finally, if the patient is in a relationship, he admits all previous acts of infidelity to his partner. Yikes!

Most programs recommend ongoing treatment, such as following a 12-step program, and continued therapy, including check-ups that can take place for years after initial diagnosis. Addiction as an Attachment Disorder

Would you treat a partner's sex addiction differently than another kind of addiction? Were you aware of sexual addiction as a serious disease before the Tiger Woods scandal broke?