Twitter Top 10: Guys To Follow For Love Advice


Follow these guys for love, dating and relationship advice, plus insight into the male mind.

7. @evanmarckatz

Dating coach Evan Marc Katz has his finger on the pulse of dating news and pop culture... and is more than willing to share the info he's found with his loyal followers.

Sample Tweet: would love to know your initial reaction to "Marry Him: The Case for Settling for Mr. Good Enough" by Lori Gottlieb.

8. @GuySpeak

Not run by any one guy, the GuySpeak Twitter feed is filled with responses to the endless questions we have about men.

Sample Tweet: How to Score the Geeky Guy Of Your Dreams: courtesy of @nicknadel the Chic Geek

9. @URwingman

Thomas Edwards, the co-host of LoveNation, and a Professional Wingman, tweets love advice you need.

Sample Tweet: When You Meet Someone Who's Taken But "Looking"

10. @Broslife

Okay. So Barney Stinson isn't exactly a real person... but he does reside—all flesh and blood—in our hearts. The How I Met Your Mother ladies' man regularly tweets his general observations on life, love and big boobs. 10 TV Characters To Bring To Your Bachelor Party

Sample Tweet: Ah, rain. God's wet t-shirt contest.


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