Gary Coleman: Domestic Abuse, Wheelchairs & Jail

Gary Coleman Mug Shot

"What you talkin' 'bout, Willis?" is bailed out of jail by "Diff'rent Strokes" fan.

Gary Coleman of the Diff'rent Strokes fame is having some trouble with the law. And his marriage.

As the New York Post is reporting, among others, the former 1970s child star was picked up in his Utah hometown earlier this week on a domestic-violence warrant.

"What you talkin' bout, Willis?"

Yes, seems like Gary, 41, and his wife of average height, the twenty-something Shannon Price may have stumbled upon another hard patch in their marriage — only this time someone got sent to the slammer.

Not like this is anything new, however. See: Regular Woman May Divorce Gary Coleman

Earlier, the mismatched couple had to deal with Divorce Court (they reconciled) among other things. As PopEater reports:

Coleman's wife, Shannon Price, was arrested last year on domestic violence charges as well. The couple married in 2007, and have been making headlines ever since with public spats. Still, there's no confirmation that Price was the victim of Coleman's alleged violence.

Weeks ago, Coleman was rushed to the hospital after reportedly suffering a seizure. Thankfully, he was released shortly after checking into the hospital. [Source: PopEater ]

About his 27-hour experience in the Utah Country Jail, Coleman has said  "I don't like jail. I don't ever want to see it again. I don't care if it's country jail." Watch: Gary Coleman Leaves Jail In Wheelchair, "It Was Absolutely Miserable!"

The double cherry on the Coleman in jail Sunday includes that...

1. He left jail in a wheelchair

Looking frail and in a wheelchair, Coleman talked about his jail experience and explained the real reason he was thrown into the pokey in the first place:  "I was in the hospital getting minor surgery."

His father-in-law, who was there to pick up Coleman, revealed that he was actually having heart surgery, a fact Coleman wanted to play down. [Source:]

2. A Diff'rent Strokes fan bailed him out.

Clarke said he has never met Coleman but is a lifelong fan of "Diff'rent Strokes," the television show that made Coleman a famous child actor. Clarke made the trip to the jail in Spanish Fork from his home in Draper to post the bail.

"I'm just a Good Samaritan, I guess," said Jarrod Clarke, who put up the $1,725 for Coleman's release. "He just had a sad [mug shot] picture." [Source: The Salt Lake Tribune]

When asked about how his marriage is going, Coleman joked "My wife would kill me!" if he spoke out. Hang in their, buddy!