Six-Month Sex Challenge: Could You Do It?

older couple laughing in bed
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Dr. Trina Read vows to have sex with her husband once a week for six months.

Relationships are filled with compromise, cooperation, fighting, emotion, the managing of finances and (sometimes) children. Is there something we forgot? Oh yeah, sex.

Often, when you're in a long-term relationship, sex is put on the back burner. If it weren't for heightened airport security and the requisite frisking, busy couples might get no action whatsoever.

This is what happened to Dr. Trina Read, sexpert, best-selling author, and sex coach. After the birth of her second child, Dr.Trina decided to get her sex life back on track, vowing to have sex with her husband once a week for six months—and blog about it, naturally. Throw in the holidays, flu season and two kids under the age of 3 and you got yourself a Six-Month Sex Challenge. Dr. Trina writes: mantra as a sex expert is that a woman must know what makes her sexually satisfied—and then she needs to ask for it to happen. She cannot and should not rely on her partner to figure that out for her. By me making the sex about my wants and desires, I hope it helps (can I be so bold as to say 'inspires') women to do the same. The Six-Month Sex Challenge might be brilliant or it might be a bust. I hope you follow along to see what each week brings.

Check out this week's update "Intercourse Uncomfortable!" for tips on having sex while breastfeeding—which, as nursing mothers know, can be a frustrating undertaking.

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