iPad? Meh. 10 Apple Products We Want More

apple ipad

The Apple iPad is exciting, but we think they can do better.

We can't live without iTunes. We commute with our Nano clutched to our hearts. We've been drooling over our friends' iPhones. Basically, Steve Jobs has made himself indispensable to our lives. And now, Apple is announcing the details of its iPad, aka the Apple Tablet, a mysterious device that gadget bloggers, tech geeks and average Joes alike have been speculating about for eons. But we're pretty sure the iPad won't solve our most pressing problems. Steve: Use your tech genius to fix our love lives! Below, 10 Apple products and apps we'd like to see. Apple iPad A Big Hit On Twitter, Period

1. The iLove. A small, portable device that stores all the texts, emails, photos and voicemails that you and your main squeeze have exchanged over the course of your relationship. The iLove is not to be confused with iLuv, a web company that sells vibrating alarm clocks. Rather, the iLove is a virtual scrapbook—without any of the schmaltz. Just one quick look through this device's database will give you the warm fuzzies.

2. The iNudge. Sometimes, we get a bit shrill when the man in our life forgets—for the hundredth time—to put his laundry in the hamper, or put his dirty dishes in the dishwasher, or even ask us about our day. The iNudge is an iCalendar enhancement that puts automatic reminders on your honey's iPhone calendar. You can also set alerts for repeat reminders: Tuesday morning—tell girlfriend to kick butt in her weekly meeting. The Thermostat War And 6 More Silly Compromises

3. The iApprove. Still navigating the dating scene? Take a photo of your potential love interest, even if you don't know his name yet. The app will cross-reference his pic on the web, including your friends' Facebook databases, and tell you his name, relationship status, previous girlfriends, etc. The number of bad dates you have to suffer through will decline exponentially.

4. The iDate. A GPS-like device that plugs into your car, the iDate gives you creative date suggestions based upon your location and mood. Enter criteria (like time of day and how much you want to spend), and receive a perfect unconventional date suggestion. In case you didn't realize there was a Medieval Times the next town over... 5 Alternatives To Dinner & A Movie

5. The iShack. Should you move in together? The iShack allows you to enter data—income levels, accrued debt, and food, TV and cleanliness preferences—and then gives you a Cohabitation Compatibility Rating. Will Living Together Ruin Your Relationship?

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