Twitter Top 10: Who To Follow For Dating Advice

twitter dating experts you should follow

Follow these tweeps for dating news, advice and true stories.

5. @HowVeryLucky

This lucky girls spins the worst of her dates into funny stories. We love a girl who can laugh at herself, and we also enjoy giggling along to her stories as we thank our lucky stars we dodged that dating bullet.

Sample Tweet: The New Dating Game: Which flavor of Ice Cream best describes why you didn't respond to my e-mail? ...

6. @okcupid

Another matchmaking site, OkCupid has always provided us with hours worth of time-wasting fodder via their fun, online quizzes. We follow their Twitter account for the equally fun dating facts and survey results, and their thought-provoking, online dating-related questions. Want More Online Dates? Use A Better Profile Pic.

Sample Tweet: Okay, so most of you seem to require a partner who bathes regularly and has some modicum of social skill. Anything else?

7. @gelato_dating

Gelato describes themselves as the new flavor in online dating. Why? They've figured out a way for us to build our online dating profiles using the content in our already-existing social media accounts. Nifty! Why follow them on Twitter? They regularly tweet love-related quotes, dating tips and links to other love advice around the web.

Sample Tweet: Dating Tip: Pause occasionally if you've been talking for a while. Give your date a moment to talk. Better yet, ask them something #dating

8. @sws_DC

J is a single gal in Washington, DC, who tweets about her day-to-day dating experiences. Her tweets are brief, but always entertaining.

Sample Tweet: What is the opposite of a "sausagefest?"

9. @JessDowney

Jessica Downey is a Chicago-based writer tweeting about the single life. Follow her to read about her adventures in online dating, and be sure to follow the links to her dating tips.

Sample Tweet: Sunday night OkCupid awesomeness - From random guy to me: can i be ur slave

10. @KB_in_NYC

PR chica KB is a self-proclaimed "lover, dater, blogger, believer." Follow her for links to great dating tips and stories. Stay for the good conversation.

Sample Tweet: I'm heightist, I'll admit it - RT @DateDaily Do short guys have a harder time finding love?

Honorable Mention: @creepycupid

In honor of Valentine's Day, we'd like to introduce you to Cupid, one of the world's most famous matchmakers. He just loves sharing his own quirky brand of dating "tips." [teehee] Why Chocolate? And Other Valentine's Questions

Sample Tweet: Compliment her. "That's some nice sweater-meat you got there" isn't a compliment.

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