How To Make Your Date Stop Talking During A Movie

rude man in movie theater
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Got a date who likes to talk during movies? Here's how to get some peace and quiet.

It's a problem as old as dating clichés themselves: As long as there has been dinner and a movie, there have been oafish bores who insist on yammering through the whole film. Science can't explain it. Don't even try to understand it. Just know what you can do to deal with it, especially if you otherwise like this dude. Lemondrop: Embarrassing Movie Star Crushes

Even if your date isn't being polite, how can you handle the situation in a classy and considerate manner? Because let's face it:You're a classy and considerate lady, and his boorish behavior is going to reflect on you, too. Lemondrop: Hey Ladies, Can You Stop Doing This On Dates With Me? Thanks

There are a number of archetypes we're dealing with here. Let's explore how to grapple with each.

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Written by Liz Scott for Lemondrop.