How To Make A Girl To Like You

How To Make A Girl To Like You

There is a girl somewhere that you know is perfect for you.
She is the girl of your dreams, and you want her. She might know about you or
she might not. What steps can you take to make sure that you can get the girl of your dreams and keep her!

Being More Attractive

Most guys think making more money is the answer to their love life problem.
Wrong! A woman will be more interested in a man that is well-travelled,
well-read, can dance, cook, paint, play music, and has interesting hobbies.

The guy that works all the hours god sends will never be as attractive At a
minimum, do a salsa class! Think of a woman like a talent scout, why should she
sign you up? Another facet of this is that the women that are around you will
start seeing how cool you are becoming and start to want you. You are not
showing off to them, you are just doing cool stuff.

Make the best of your appearance

Here are some ideas:

Dont dress generically, find a stylish fashionable look, use magazine
advertisements for ideas.
Ask a top stylist what the best hair style for you would be.
Manage your nose hair.
Shape your eyebrows.
Get in shape.
Fix your posture.
Would you look better with a tan?

Do what you can with your appearance and you can easily move up a few levels in
the attractiveness scale.
Dont Catch One-it is

If you focus all your attention and energy on one girl, the surprising thing is
that you are actually reducing your chances. Usually if you work hard on
something it pays off, not in the case of women. When they think that you are
there whenever they want you, it is not a challenge and is less attractive.

Keep your options open, do other things, and dont be needy. Doing things like
calling but not inviting on a date or becoming friends first and not asking
them out will make them go crazy and start to work for you.

Be Indirect to Maximise Your Chances

Become friends and get her comfortable with you before you seduce her. The
indirect approach is best unless she is giving you signs that she is interested
(in which case, go for broke!). Get connections, make her feel good around you,
be fun and interesting.

When Seduce Her, do it Right!

When you go sexual, it is important that it seems natural like something that
just happened and not that you have been longing after her for months! Keep

To keep the girl of your
, you have to keep the elements of yourself that she found
attractive in the first place. Dont quit your hobbies or become predictable,
shell lose interest. You still need to work, and if you do, youll be able to
keep her as long as you like.