Joaquin Phoenix Shaves Beard, Sexiness Returns

Joaquin Phoenix Shaves Beard, Sexiness Returns

The video evidence.

Thank you celebrity gods! Our crush, Joaquin Phoenix, once thought to have slipped off the deep end, has returned — clean shaven and with a "brilliant" new CD.

Words cannot express how happy this makes this particular CelebLover.  As such, here are others:

The day after a friend called his unreleased album "brilliant" and almost a full year since he was last seen totally out of it on Letterman during the "Two Lovers" press junket, a clean shaven, engaged Joaquin Phoenix has returned. Joaquin filmed a video for TWLOHA (To Write Love on Her Arms) to help win $1 million for suicide prevention. TWLOHA is a non-profit aimed at helping those struggling with depression, addiction, and suicide. [Source: Huffington Post]

About his "brilliant" new album L.A. musician Julian Shah-Taylor says

He's a Beatles, Oasis, Bowie-style songwriter. I hold it in that high esteem. He's accomplished just about everything anyone could accomplish as an artist. So coming out with a brilliant album of great music would not surprise anybody, and I think that's maybe why he didn't release it...And I think it's better to have some secrets, and I think Joaquin's secret is his prodigious music talent." [Source: E! News]

Watch Captain Enchantment clean shaven here.

Photo via Fame Pictures.