The Best Of The Web: Mistresses & Sugar Mamas

sugar mama

Third base is illegal in NOLA? And why you shouldn't date actors?

It's Friday and that means it's time for the best of the web love and relationships category. Yep, I scoured the web so you didn't have to. Let's get it on.

First up, the crew over at The Frisky has a tale of revenge on a cheatin-ass man. This time around the scorned woman put up a photo of the man and his mistress in New York's Times Square. Here's the wrinkle, the mistress bought the billboard. Remember when girlfriends-on-the-side weren't so needy?

Lemondrop tells us that a guy-favorite sex act (the other guy-favorite sex act, no the other guy-favorite sex act, ugh, think third base) is technically illegal in the Big Easy. Check out what proponents of the act have to say.

Betty Confidential wonders how to find a sugar daddy on these troubling economic times. Remember when we said that gold diggers were like hookers but smarter?

And sometimes the tables turn; my homies Em & Lo ( are declaring the rise of the sugar mama as now a full 20% of women earn more than their spouses. Read: Finally, The Day Of The Gigolo

What happens when a gal makes more than her guy? Possibly some tension. What happens when he's unemployed? LimeLife says he's more likely to cheat. On one hand, he's unemployed, on the other hand, he has lots of free time and possibly low standards. Read: Is Cheating Inevitable?

Speaking of marginally-employed men, Huffington Post's Dr. Alex Benzar gives nine very good reasons not to date an actor. Somehow, on-set romance isn't number 1.

Mugging for the camera works! According to Gawker, ladies who do the lips-pursed photo (AKA the duckface) for online dating profiles get more dates. As always with Gawker, go for the headline, get dazzled by the comments. Warning: semi-dressed Miley could be involved.

Divine Caroline breaks down 10 things guys don't want to hear from their ladies on Gawker or otherwise. Number 11, "I used to be so sexually adventurous but it wasn't me, you know, you make me feel so safe and appreciated that we can just cuddle." Read: 10 Phrases Your Boyfriend Doesn't Want To Hear

While Larry David has covered this phenomenon, Asylum explores getting an erection from a hug. Sometimes it doesn't matter if the chick is hot or not, boners, like nature, find a way. Options: keep hugs brief, keep your ass-out or appreciate the peculiarities of the male body.

Over at Nerve, they get sex advice from people who make their own beer. Yep, homebrewers get lots of head.

More dating advice at Cosmopolitan. Their professional wingwoman gives six totally reasonable pieces of advice on how to meet men at a bar. I guess that's why she's a professional wingwoman and I'm just an amateur sidekick.

And finally, two very reasonable and doable New Years resolutions from MomLogic.

As always, chime in with thoughts and link ideas.