A-Rod And Kate Hudson Are Getting Laid

Kate Hudson Alex Rodriguez having sex with other people

Exes are banging new people now. Good for them.

Don't cry for Alex Rodriguez and Kate Hudson. Even though their glorious fall classic of a love affair has ended, they're not moping around their various properties, drying their tears with hundred-dollar bills. No, they're getting over their relationship just like normal people: by getting under someone else.

Kate was spotted at brunch with some girlfriends over the weekend, showing off pictures of her new manfriend on her Blackberry. A source overheard Kate telling her friends "He's a photographer" and blabbed to E! Online. "She had a flirtatious smile on her face and looked really giddy," the mole reported. Kate Hudson Installs Stripper Pole

Meanwhile, Alex was enjoying his off-season yesterday by proving that Kate is such a liar and he's totally over Madonna. The Yankee spent Wednesday sunning himself on a yacht off the Florida coast, accompanied by a lady the Daily News called a "mystery blonde." He's also been spending time with a local woman, 25-year-old Elaine Spottswood, and generally being a millionaire at play. Must be nice. Discuss: Is He Just Looking for a Rebound Girl?

So, you know, breaking news: Pretty, famous, rich people are having sex with other people. We're sure that Kate saw that New York Times writer who called her "curvy" after she attended the Golden Globes looking like a particularly unstable wedding cake and went right out to validate how unbelievably skinny she is by banging that new photographer toy of hers, and that A-Rod is just reassuring himself that the steroids didn't make his testicles fall off. It's so boring when celebrities don't shag random people and then tell their friends about it so said friends can tip off the tabs, right?

Via E! Online and The New York Daily News. Photo via Bauer-Griffin.