Are Whipped Men The New Bad Boys?

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Men doting on their partners, are they chivalrous or 'whipped'?

Inspired by a recent post on Hollywoodlife.com we've been thinking about the possible sea change that is occurring with celebrity couples and possibly with society as a whole. Whereas 2009 seemed full of bad boys (John Mayer, Peter Orszag, Jude Law, Tony Romo, Jon Gosselin, Nas, Mel Gibson and, of course, Chris Brown) perhaps we're seeing a return to good old-fashioned chivalry and goddess-worship.

The recent Golden Globes ceremony was a good example. Drew Barrymoore, there as a nominee for Best Actress in Grey Gardens was glowing for more reasons than her nomination. She looked radiant and her beau, Justin Long, seemed happy to play the part of escort, holding her bag and Blackberry as she made the rounds of photo calls, interviews and schmoozing. He was honored to let her be the star on her night. Nice, right? How Do You Define Chivalry?

Nick Cannon also played accessory to his megastar wife Mariah Carey at the awards, gamely holding an umbrella overheard as she enthusiastically showed off her "assets." Cannon even went so far as to carry Mimi's train on her dress. How Men Should Show Appreciation For Our Breasts

Even rocker Pete Wentz has been out and about looking the part of Mr. Mom, carrying his baby, Bronx, on his back while laden down with a load of baby gear, coffee orders or helping wife Ashlee Simpson grocery shop. Aww.

And remember all of the flack Tom Brady caught for being Gisele Bundchen's "errand boy"? Well now the couple is married with a brand new baby, so this arrangement must have worked for them!

These are not the behaviors of bad boys, now, are they? Couple this with the recent research showing that wives, for the first time, are earning more than their husbands, and 2010 just might be the year of the alpha female.

Call it whipped, doting or long-overdue—what do you think of this social shift?