Senator Scott Brown Posed Nude In Cosmo [Picture]

Scott Brown Poses Nude for Cosmopolitan Magazine

The big news is that a dashing Republican state senator has defeated Martha Coakley in the Massachusetts Senate race to fill the seat held by Teddy Kennedy. NYTimes: G.O.P. Senate Victory Stuns Democrats

Who is this man that came out of nowhere?

His name is Scott Brown — and whatever your politics, likely is you'll appreciate this picture: The newly appointed Republican Senator from Massachusetts Scott Brown posing mostly nude for a 1982 Cosmopolitan centerfold spread (why don't they do this anymore?).

Per the, an online publication for the students of Boston College Law School:

While it is well known at BC Law that Scott Brown is now a prominent public servant (he currently serves as Massachusetts State Senator for Norfolk, Bristol and Middlesex counties), it is perhaps less well known there that Brown had a mostly nude photo-shoot himself while at law school. Brown was featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine as an outgoing 3L, and used the proceeds from sale of the photographs to help defray the costs of law school tuition.

According to some at Boston College Law School who remember Brown, the atmosphere surrounding the 1982 photo-shoot was fun and light-hearted. Indeed, according to one, Brown promoted the shoot himself by distributing copies of the magazine on campus. This would not be inconsistent the Boston College Law School 1984 yearbook, where Brown opted for a less conventional portrait. [Source: Eagleionline]

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