YourTango Wins 2009 Viewser Choice Award


Further proof that we rock the video content in the lifestyle category.

In case you hadn't noticed, perhaps because you were so dazzled by our blog posts and personal essays, YourTango sort of rocks the video content. Especially lately, as we've been looking for new and exciting ways to highlight our most valuable commodity—our readers—and taking the most perplexing Ask YourTango questions and presenting them to our love experts, such as dream team Matt Titus and Tamsen Fadal, and the That's What He Said man-panel.

In recognition of our efforts,—an online video guide—has just informed us that we've been awarded a 2009 "Best in Category" Viewser Choice Award, in the area of lifestyle content. Our site was selected out of the 5,000+ online video sites available in their database and, looking at the other top contenders, we're thrilled to be included. Other winners include The Daily Show, College Humor, Vimeo, The Guild (!), and NPR. Hello neighbors! ::waves:: We'd also like to thank our amazing video producer, Kevin Osgood. Without him, we might still be making amateur home videos on our Flip Cams, dim and shaky in a way we would probably refer to as "edgy."

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