Alexander Skarsgard And Kate Bosworth Make Out

Alexander Skarsgard, Kate Bosworth

The 'secret' couple take their romance public at the Golden Globes.

Despite previous denials that he and Straw Dogs co-star Kate Bosworth have been dating, Alexander Skarsgard let the truth be known at the Golden Globes after-party by planting a big, wet one on Kate. How To Date A (Real-Life) Vampire

Last March, Kate reportedly dumped her long-time boyfriend James Rousseau. And it wasn't long ago that Alex was rumored to be romancing his True Blood co-star Evan Rachel Wood. After she inexplicably ran back to Marilyn Manson, Alex seemed to be enjoying the life of a hot, single man. But put two blonde, single stars together on a movie set and sparks are bound to fly. The Straw Dogs remake began filming over the summer, and Alex and Kate were photographed looking awfully "together" just a couple of months later. The pair has been pretty good at keeping mum about their relationship, but Alex let the cat out of the bag on Sunday night when he just couldn't control himself around his new ladylove.

Like the best make-out moment in any movie, the Swedish star strode up to his diminutive gal pal, put her face in his hands and gave her a longgggggggggg, slow kiss. So Hollywood! It was almost like no one else was in the room: they stood in the crowded bar area of the Beverly Hilton’s pool area kissing like the world was going to end. Hot! We even saw some booty action: after Kate wrapped her arms around Alex, she grabbed his butt. Can’t say we blame her – it’s a great butt. After some giggling, whispering and snuggling, the two walked off together hand in hand. [Source: Hollywood Life]

Sigh. It looks like all the good Hollywood vampires are taken.

Scoop via Hollywood Life. Photos via Bauer Griffin.