2010's Most Questionable Wedding Trends

scary wedding trends
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A toast to ravers, wedding singers, and more!

If you were a bridesmaid—or even just a wedding guest—in 2009, you know that some of the year's hottest knot-tying trends were truly trying.

Personally, if we never see another multi-tiered-cupcake cake, bride-and-groom karaoke number or cutesy custom cocktail (the Matt-'n-Tina-tini, anyone?), we could die alone and happy. But just when you thought it was safe to go back to the chapel, here's a forecast of some of the most annoying things you'll most likely be asked to embrace at weddings in 2010. Lemondrop: 5 Things To Leave Out Of Your Wedding Toast

The Wedding Singer, Part Two: Cover bands and singers are actually making a comeback. As funny as Adam Sandler was, actually listening to a wedding singer can be excruciating. While we're not dogging their talent, Chris De Burgh's "Lady in Red" is easier to swallow via MP3. Lemondrop: Would You Let Your Groom Plan The Wedding?

Doggie Attendants:
Ladies and gents? They're not your literal best friends. And just because we're bridesmaids doesn't mean we're going to take your Shiba Inu out for a walk during the reception. (Unless you insist on having a bouquet toss, in which case, sign us up.) Otherwise: Don't. Please. Just. Don't.  Lemondrop: I Don't Want To Be In Your Wedding—Am I The Worst Person Ever?

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Written by Emily Tan for Lemondrop.