Heidi Didn't NEED The Plastic Surgery...Did She?

heidi montag

Maybe Spencer Pratt should have slowed the Heidi Montag nip/tuck train.

The most recent issue of People has the rundown of Heidi Montag's ten most recent surgeries (performed in one fell swoop). Part of the post-op interview includes a question about Spencer Pratt's role in the matter (note: as a general Svengali, many folks conjecture that he masterminded the operations). Read: Spencer Pratt Afraid Heidi Will Get Pregnant

Prologue over. Question time:

Is plastic surgery ever a good idea? A qualified "yes" on my part. Psychological issues aside (and that's a big leap), if you honestly believe that something physical is preventing you from being the best you and you have the means and time to fix it, then feel free. Read: The 5 Most Disturbing Things We Do For Beauty

Is this an improvement for Heidi? Again, yes. I thought Heidi was cute before. She wasn't a 10 but she passed the "Would you kick her out of bed?" test. The newer Heidi looks much more like a person whom you'd pay to take off her clothes, which is sexy in some circumstances. (I wonder if she gave the doc a picture of Holly Madison and said, "Make it happen, you old sawbones.") Read: Are Breasts The Source Of Self-Confidence?

Would I like my lady to get plastic surgery? Seeing as I'm single, I'll have to use some imagination. I've always been pretty attracted to any special lady as soon I've started dating her and I rarely draw imaginary nip/tuck lines. Has there been a set of breasts that could have been rounder, a tummy that could have been flatter or a birthmark that could have been goner? I suppose. But I've been programmed with the idea that a woman's body is her beeswax, so I feel like I'm being tricked when asked, say, if I prefer a Brazilian. If my lady-friend wanted to get something done I would likely try to talk her out of it but be ultimately supportive, assuming her motives were reasonable.

Would most guys mind their lady getting some work done? A qualified no. We all like boobs. (By "we," I mean humans; chicks and gay dudes are as obsessed as the rest of us. And babies? Forget about it, they can't stop with their breast-centric worldview.) Bigger, perkier boobs are a plus, within reason. As are symmetry, a "healthy" figure, straight teeth and the like. Read: 7 Body Parts Men Love—Just The Way They Are

I'm sure if plastic surgery were cheaper, this would an issue for more people. Since it's not, we'll have to settle for less than physical perfection and hope that the Botulism we inject into our brows won't eat our brains. Hopefully, for Heidi's sake, we'll have the plastic surgery know-how in the future to prevent her from resembling Meg Ryan crossed with Dolly Parton.

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Image from Bauer-Griffin (It's a before, FYI).