Who's Hotter: Conan Or Jay?

Craig Ferguson sexiest late show host

In the battle of the late-night hosts, we choose who we’d like to shag.

Lost in the scrum of the current late-night war is an indisputable fact: We like to fall asleep watching TV, and when we do, we'd like to be looking at someone we can fantasize about sleeping with. Or at least going on a nice date involving steak and red wine with. So in the battle of late night, which host is the lady-killing winner?

1. Craig Ferguson

The host of CBS's The Late Late Show took the opportunity last night to direct attention away from the petty squabbles of his fellow suit-and-tie talkers and toward the actual news story going on this week: The earthquake in Haiti. Add to his mile-wide humanitarian streak that luscious Scottish accent; those crinkly, lake-blue eyes; and his affection for puppets and dancing, and Craig is the one who's won our hearts. And our naughty pants.

2. Conan O'Brien

It goes without saying that humor is devastatingly attractive, and that Conan has it in spades. While he is among the more funny-looking of the late-night hosts (seriously, that hair!), we've always had a soft spot for gingers. And with those long legs he'd be so helpful around the house, getting things off high shelves, changing lightbulbs, and, if we tire of him, standing in the corner telling jokes about Harvard. In this war, we are Team Coco, because he's adorable.

3. Jimmy Fallon

Even though he could never keep a straight face on Saturday Night Live, Jimmy Fallon grew on us in movies like Fever Pitch and Almost Famous. He brought a different twist to the Late Night by adding the Roots as his house band, and has been doing heroic work amidst the upheaval on his network. And we love that he fell in love with and married wife Nancy Juvonen, seven years his senior, while starring in Fever Pitch, which she produced along with her longtime business partner, Drew BarrymoreOlder Woman, Younger Man: Can It Work?