10 Undeniable Reasons Sexting Is WAY Hotter Than Actual Sex

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10 Undeniable Reasons Sexting Is WAY Hotter Than Actual Sex

By Simcha

My cell phone is more broke than I am. Over the weekend, I got a case of the butterfingers and dropped it again—now it won't text. Wah! Is it trying to ruin my social/sex life?

Without the ability to sext, my game is weak! I know a few dudes are missing my steamy messages.

Before you judge typing with one hand, here's why you shouldn't knock it till you've tried it! 

1. You have to use your imagination.

And girl, you just don't know what dirty things he's really thinking until you have sexy times from afar.

2. You get to explore every aspect of a fantasy.

It's like getting bonus time for foreplay.

3. It doesn't increase your sex partner "number."

4. Your brain is your biggest erogenous zone.

Doing it via technology is basically the "Jeopardy" of sexy times. Even if you don't win/totally get off, you do feel a sense of satisfaction for playing.

5. There are no risks involved.

You can't get pregnant or an STD.

6. When you finally do see each other, you already know what the other wants and can't wait to give it, naked.

7. Imaginary lingerie and other means of seduction don't cost a thing!

Plus, that fake thong you said you're wearing can't give you a real wedgie.

8. You don't have to sit through a date waiting to get some.

Techno-sex is on when you are.


9. You can just hang up when you're done, or fake technological difficulties when want to end it, so you're not stuck having bad sex.

10. You can get yourself off faster.

Plus, even if you're just sexting before you meet up, it'll jump-start both your engines.

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This article was originally published at The Frisky. Reprinted with permission from the author.