Guns + Orgies + Drugs = Bummer

cautionary tale
Buzz, Love

A cautionary tale about some strange love.

Our colleagues over at bumped into a story of intrigue, sex toys, narcotics, firearms and middle-aged men making really, really bad decisions. It breaks down like this:

A trio of gentlemen got together in a Maine basement. They then popped, shot, huffed and/or bumped some junk (horse, goofballs or straight dope, would be my guess). Then, they got all hot and bothered and busted out the sex toys. Things were going smashingly for some 12 hours when the entire operation took a sharp turn for the weird(er). One of the guys—presumably a fan of The Deer Hunter, given his age—decided to introduce a little Russian Roulette role-playing into the action. This naturally ended with a gunshot to the head. Read: When BDSM Goes Way Wrong

Check out the Gawker article for more of the gory details. Obviously, many mistakes and missteps were made in this case. And I'm not just talking about the gay, narcotic-fueled orgy featuring firepower.

First of all, it's not explicitly stated, but I'm guessing that these guys were not properly hydrated. Sure, one guy got up to use the bathroom, but I can't help but assume that they didn't drink enough water. Keeping hydrated gives you energy and keeps your skin looking youthful.

Next, while weapons and violence may seem thrilling, remember that all guns are loaded guns.

Also, always keep in mind that you shouldn't mix your poisons. An old boss of mine, apropos of nothing, once told me that the key to partying hard, yet safely, was to not mix drugs with alcohol (not to mention firearms and alcohol). It's a little like the beer-liquor rhyme, and it makes sense.

Have a safe word. Would a life have been saved? Probably not, but it's a good idea to have one.

Finally, take periodic breaks. In the same way you're supposed to look away from the computer screen every so often, you need to walk around, stretch and possibly get fresh air every several hours.

Any other tips for drug-fueled dungeon S&M orgies other than "seriously, don't play with guns"?