Can You Meet An Intellectual In A Bar?

meeting in a bar

Sure, a lounge is a great place to meet singles, but will they be high-brow?

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I finally watched the MTV trash hit Jersey Shore (like how I used "trash" instead of "smash"?), but I'm having a harder and harder time believing that you can find someone who would qualify as an "intellectual" in a bar or lounge or club.

Let's be clear: a smarty and an intellectual are not the same thing. A smart person is good at figuring things out and solving problems (if not getting in adventures). An intellectual is generally smart and is also knowledgeable about stuff like current events, literature, the arts and usually one specific area of science. Periodically, an intellectual, particularly the male of the species, can trend towards blowhardism.

Frankly, I'm not sure I even could date an intellectual woman. I like sports where people get knocked down. I like Judd Apatow films and their one character. And I like driving an El Camino when I visit Georgia. But I also appreciate early novels from the literary dandy Tom Wolfe, subscribe to The Economist and think I know the difference between Manet and mayonnaise. Every once in a while I like to use the word "chiaroscuro" without having to explain it or sound like I'm putting on airs.

I may have no choice, because it seems like the people having fun out there aren't talking Tchaikovsky. It's mostly body shots and short-skirt-with-thong handsprings, if the aforementioned Jersey Shore and commercials for Girls Gone Wild are indicative. But maybe the old men from the barbershop in Coming To America are right, maybe it's a waste of time to try to find a perfect-in-every-way love interest in the bottom of a bottle or the end of a conga line. On the other hand, some erudite broads like booze, bawdiness and meeting cool new dudes, right? Read: 7 Surprisingly Good Places To Meet Someone

Ladies, you have it much easier. There is a long history of intelligent and scholarly gents who like to party. Sure, some of these guys are perhaps grasping at youth's straws by meeting younger ladies in bars. Other of these guys, your Hemmingways, Chinaskis and good Will Huntings, are tragically flawed in some way. Then some of them are just smart, insufferable dickheads. On second thought, that sounds like it could be a headache too. Read: 6 Secret Places To Meet Men

But libations (and settings for imbibing) are the great social lubes. And I know plenty of "catches" who have met or were introduced to a future something or other in a bar. Maybe the bar is the place to meet someone while in your 20s or early 30s if you keep your expectations decidely medium. The rest of us might get stuck with some sort of Jwoww and have no idea how we got crabs.