Just Got Dumped? Read These Books.

Buzz, Heartbreak

Good books won't keep you warm at night, but they'll help distract you from your recent breakup.

So, you got dumped. It happens to the best of us. Right now you're probably wishing you were wearing a dirty pair of sweat pants and gorging on extra-sharp cheddar. Or worse, listening to loud music and writing in your new "Hate Journal." We want to help you break the cycle of Sara Lee and Hoarders reruns, so we've come up with a list of (gasp!) books to occupy your time and keep your mind off the man that got away better than any Kate Hudson movie ever could.

South of the Border, West of the Sun—Haruki Murakami
A lonely, melancholy novel in which a man must choose between his wife and family and his mysterious first love, all while wondering what has become of his life. What? We never said we were trying to cheer you up. It's not Murakami's best work, but it suits the mood when you're heartbroken. It's like listening to The Cure, only you don't have to look around peevishly while you do it.

Carrie—Stephen King

Classmates: "Hey Carrie! Plug it up!"
Carrie: "Hey Classmates! You're all going to die!"
Why read a trashy romance novel when you can read a trashy horror novel about the outcast girl getting revenge on everybody who put her down instead? It's slightly less embarrassing, and might actually make you feel better for a hot minute. (puntastic!) Lemondrop: The 12 Creepiest Horror Movie Kids

—Roald Dahl
If you're into the whole "girl moving stuff with her mind" thing, but want to bypass the blood and gore and killing, we recommend Matilda, by Roald Dahl. About a little girl with mental powers and a lousy family who never gives up on her dreams, and if you're really sad it will probably make you cry, either because you wish something good would happen to you or you don't understand why you're not 10-years-old anymore. So...approach with caution.

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Written by Emerald Catron for Lemondrop.