Jude Law And Sienna Miller Possibly Engaged

Sienna Miller and Jude Law

Will Jude and Sienna finally make it to the altar the second time around?

Since Jude Law and Sienna Miller became officially on-again, the two have tried to keep their relationship out of the spotlight to no avail. But just because they've been keeping a low profile doesn't mean that we gossip lovers aren't still talking about them. Everyone has been wondering aloud if Jude is really ready to be a one-woman man, and if Sienna's reputation post-Balthazar is salvageable...and then there was that alleged "pregnancy scare." Whether they like it or not, we're fascinated by this ridiculously pretty couple. 13 Reasons To Take Back Your Ex

So, now comes more news that we can sink our teeth into—Jude and Sienna could be ready for marriage again.

Sienna was always the one. And now she is back in his life he never wants to let her go again. Jude did some serious thinking over Christmas in Britain with his ex-wife Sadie [Frost] and the kids. And he realises just how important familylife is to him. He needs a good woman to look after him. Sienna's fed up of the single life and wants to be with Jude for good...It's only a matter of time before Jude pops the question. He and Sienna have never been happier together. [Source: OK! Magazine]

What's more, our friends over at HollywoodLife.com have it on good account that "Sienna's already telling friends that if he asks her, she'll say yes."

"She's madly in love with Jude," a source close to the actress says. They are "ready to move on with their lives as a married couple." HollywoodLife.com: EXCLUSIVE! Sienna Miller Wants To Marry Jude Law

Hmm. Neither Jude's need for a woman to take care of him nor Sienna's desire to escape the singles scene sound like very good reasons to get married, but we hope these two can make it work because they seem perfect for each other. 25 Secrets To A Loving, Lasting Marriage

Photo via Bauer Griffin. Scoop via HollywoodLife.com.