The Best Country To Find A Single Man

china sees upswing in single chinese men

Are you starting to feel like marriage just won't ever happen? Have you tried online dating? Blind dates? Speed dates? And... nothing? Online Dating Coaches Help Us Maximize Our Upside

Well, have you thought about relocating to China? According to a recent study, in 2020 there will be 24 million single Chinese men—some of whom are bound to long wistfully for a white wedding and registry at Bed, Bath and Beyond—but will have an even rougher time finding love then a New York City woman, due to the lack of Chinese females. Chinese Government Bans Sexy Ads

According to the study, the single-child birth policy, which started in 1979, coupled with sex-specific abortions have led to a nation brimming with males. The ratio is estimated to be at about 130 men to 100 women in some areas, which 30 years ago lawmakers thought wonderful for the workforce but likely never anticipated (or cared) about this future generation of bachelors. Chinese Dating Websites Accused Of Prostitution

In fact, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, named this gender imbalance "the most serious demographic problem" for the country. These lonely souls could "cause a break in family lines," be "more dependent on social security" and have far "fewer household resources" to rely on. Bummer. Why Am I Still Single?

This is most unfortunate for Chinese men in rural areas who rely heavily on their children to uphold family well-being. Researchers fear this upswing will lead to more crime, forced prostitution and trafficking of women. Bad news. Single ladies, check out China, where you can find love and protect human rights in one fell swoop.

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