Pep's New TV Show: The Next 'Sex and The City'?

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Follow Pep (of Salt-N-Pepa fame) and her friends as she goes on her first date in four years.

For someone who recorded a song called "Let's Talk About Sex," Sandra "Pep" Denton, (of Salt-N-Pepa fame), isn't getting a lot of it. In fact, she hasn't gone on a date, let alone done the deed, in more than four years. After suffering a series of bad boyfriends, Pep removed herself from the market in hope that she would magically meet her soul mate. Surprise, surprise, he never made an appearance.

"I've had my share of relationships," Pep, 45, laments in the trailer for her new show, Let's Talk About Pep. "But believe it or not, I'm still single! And now I'm ready to get my feet wet again."

Many of us can understand Pep's dilemma. Screwy first dates, bumbling sexual encounters, and humiliating breakups often drive us to swear off dating altogether. If we're destined to meet "The One," it'll happen regardless of our dating habits, right? Wrong.

In VH1's newest celebrity-driven reality show, which many publications bill as "Sex and the City for colored women," Pep and her three romantically-challenged friends learn that in order to find true love, they must first suffer the perils of New York's dating scene. Of course, since this "real life comedy" airs on VH1, the scene looks more like a circus. The online super-trailer starts out normally enough—one woman compares sex to riding a bicycle ("you don't really forget how to do it") while Pep shrieks in pain over a bikini wax—but the show essentially becomes a hilarious showcase for dating disasters when Pep's date literally goes aflame during their candlelit makeout session. If there's thing to learn from Pep and co.'s hijinks, it's that dating is more enjoyable when you approach it with a sense of humor. Better yet, if you haven't dated for awhile, re-enter the scene with the help of your zany best friends. 7 Things To Distract You In A Dry Spell

Take Kali "Kittie" Troy, a popular radio personality and the token wild girl of the group. Her date starts out conventionally enough (dinner, obligatory chit-chat) but ends in a Harlem strip club, where the guy proceeds to throw money at Kittie's behind. Actually, if you count the ride back, it actually ends in her date's SUV, where the guy licks her toes while commenting that they taste like meatloaf. Uh, yummy?

A few other notable moments: Joumana Kidd, a sports journalist and ex-wife of basketball player Jason Kidd, has her date cut short after police arrest her guy on the sidewalk. Jacque Reid, the Miranda Hobbes of the group, wants a baby with... her ex. In requisite ridiculous fashion, her would-be "perfect man" admits to her on-camera that he just got out of jail for stealing cars. Oops. If that weren't bad enough, Jacque admits on TV that she has never achieved an orgasm. Well, there's a spinoff waiting to happen. 10 Surprising Orgasm Facts

Despite the wackiness of Pep's renewed love life, we feel better about ourselves knowing that even Grammy-winning artists go through prolonged dry spells. At the same time, those of us who haven't dated in awhile will admit that after watching this show, we're a little wary of dipping our toes back into the pond. And when we do, we're going to make sure that they taste less like meatloaf and more like um—cinnamon buns. Or nothing. Actually, we'll just leave that for Pep, the girls, and their various dudes to discuss. We'll be watching. Will you? 

Let's Talk About Pep airs on Mondays on VH1 at 10:30 p.m. EST.

Photo: Vh1