Rozlyn Papa 'Bachelor' TV Scandal: Double Standard

the bachelor producer cheating scandal

Say Rozlyn Papa WAS diddling the producer. What's the big deal?

Here's what we think about this supposed Bachelor "cheating" situation: talk about a double standard.

First things first: we aren't super-fans of The Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise. While our DVR certainly has a soft spot for low-brow television, a parade of chiseled men and women vying to be "chosen" by a (often) dull suitor (whom they most likely wouldn't look at twice in ordinary life) doesn't tickle our fancy for entertainment. Especially when it tries to masquerade as true romance. While we know "reality TV" is a misnomer, something about the show is too contrived and inauthentic to be even be a guilty pleasure. The Bachelor: Tears Within the First Hour? Really?

Unlike, say, Kim Zolciak's and NeNe Leakes' theatrics on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, for example. We have strong suspicions those ladies are pretty close to form once the cameras shut down. Which makes it fun! The Bachelor and his contestants? Not so much. Real Housewives Of Atlanta Shocker: The Details

Which is why we were amused that host Chris Harrison blew the whistle on one of the pretty young things, Rozlyn Papa, and her rumored liason with a show's producer. Of course they did so while the cameras rolled (and created quite the buzz the week before Monday's show) so viewers could witness Harrison tell Papa she's fired. The Bachelor powers-that-be just don't think she's serious about falling in love with Jake Pavelka if she's swapping bodily fluids with someone else. Her work is done and she may go home. Just paste on that scarlet "S," Rozlyn!

While the network is being conveniently closed-mouth about what exactly happened between Rozlyn and the producer (they do say it was "inappropriate"), she denies anything sexual took place. Instead she's calling the now-fired staff member a "good friend" and lamenting that she looks bad in front of her 7-year-old son back home.

Being accused of something you didn't do is unsettling, sure, but let's just logically break this down. While it isn't ideal for a contestant to get her thrills outside of this Jake-y Pooh character (less attention for him), isn't the show built on the concept of dating around until you find the right match? Isn't that the point of cattle-calling a slew of smiley ladies, cutting fresh roses and deciding who's mouth you like best (after you kiss, and then some, with all of them)? Monogamy Is Good, And It's Here To Stay

Why is it OK for Jake to romance 25 women with wild abandon while the ladies are expected to sit at home and paint their toenails? It's fine to "pretend" that is happening, and by no means should women sleeping with other men be featured as a storyline on the show, but c'mon! And what about this whole "cheating" concept? So, is Jake technically in a monogamous relationship with every woman holding a rose?

We think it was a cheap shot by ABC to improve ratings and create buzz for the show. It worked.

Photos: ABC