Avatar In 3-D: Not A Great Date Movie

Buzz, Love

Avatar's 3-D fanciness is making some viewers nauseous.

Signs of a good date flick: smiling, laughter, maybe a little hand-holding.

Signs of a bad date flick: nausea, vomiting.

As much as we enjoyed Avatar, James Cameron's 3-D masterpiece with the potentially tired plotline (OK, it's Dances With Wolves in 3-D—but the visuals were enticing enough for us not to notice), we can't in good faith recommend it as a go-to date movie. Why? Because it's making people sick. And nothing ruins a date like vomit. How To Ditch A Bad Date

This Love Buzzer's viewing companion left the theatre suspiciously early on in the film and didn't return for a good 10 minutes. Turns out, the visuals made him ill, and he had to take a few minutes away from the 3-D to fight off his nausea. He watched the remainder of the movie sans glasses (but still enjoyed it, we should point out). Date Movies Men Like

The New York Daily News confirms today that this is, indeed, a phenomenon.

The 3-D movie "Avatar" will transport you to another world - but you might get a headache on your way.

Moviegoers are giving the sci-fi story rave reviews, but many said they needed some aspirin with their popcorn.

Several viewers the Daily News interviewed had to lie down or leave the theatre completely in order to fight the motion sickness they experienced during the film. The article offers one potential Rx, however: an optometry expert recommends covering one eye and viewing the film cyclops-style at the first sign of nausea. (No antidote offered for those whom Avatar's perceived racist undertones have angered.) Is Interracial Dating Racist?

We say if you insist on seeing this on a date, don't see it in 3-D and whatever you do, certainly not IMAX 3-D.