Fergie, Josh Duhamel Renew Their Vows

Fergie and Josh Duhamel

The alleged infidelity is either forgiven, forgotten or both.

With the new year comes an opportunity to start over fresh, or so the thinking goes. Did Josh Duhamel cheat on Fergie with a stripper? We may never know for sure, but one thing is certain: The alleged infidelity is either forgiven, forgotten or both.

Case in point: On the eve of their first anniversary, Josh Duhamel and Fergie stood on a bluff overlooking the Pacific ocean and renewed their vows in front of a minister.

According to an eyewitness source at RadarOnline.com, "Fergie was crying and seemed very emotional," adding that their private ceremony lasted less than 15 minutes.

As the sun went down the couple went into Bacara's formal Miro restaurant where they were able to eat alone because it was before the restaurant had opened for the evening.

"They had the whole restaurant to themselves and left before the first customers came in," the source said.

"We want to do it every year," Duhamel said to Entertainment Tonight. "We got the idea from Heidi Klum and Seal. They do that. … I thought it was a great idea."

They are not alone.

"Some people [renew their vows] after there's been a strain on a marriage, like infidelity, illness, or death," says our very own Sarah Harrison, senior editor of YourTango to HollywoodLife.com. Or, she explains, "on special anniversaries, say, 25 or 50 years together, or after big life events like becoming an empty-nester."

For whatever the motivation, a wedding vow renewal ceremony is "an affirmation of love and commitment."

Interested in following suit with your spouse? Head over to HollywoodLife.com for tips on planning your own re-commitment ceremony.

Photo via Fame Pictures.