Best Friends First


If I have learned anything, it's that a person must be my best friend before it can progress to an intimate relationship.  The best relationship I ever had began with hours of talking, sharing and a lot of laughter.  It was during this time that the trust grew and I saw this man as one of great integrity and honesty.  THIS was the person I couldn't wait to share things with, even the mundane.  This was the person who's own life I couldn't wait to hear about, all that had happened in his day.  If anything happened, he was the first person I thought of and visa versa.  We shared everything, hopes, dreams, simple things.  We spent time building a foundation because both of us knew that what we had was a gift and that it needed to be honored.  If I had slept with him before I truly knew him, it would have been like sleeping with a stranger. We truly had a courtship and both of us loved every minute of it.  The "chemistry" was ever present and because of that, it made everything that much more scintillating.The intimate part of the relationship didn't come until months later. When it did, it was the icing on the cake.  What a cake!


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