Cougar Crosses Borders For Warcraft-Loving Teen

harold and maude

An online romance oversteps the boundaries of good taste.

If you've heard one story about a video game-addled young man being seduced by a much older woman, you've heard them all, right? Please forgive me if I'm being too flip with this tale of woe and weird, but it's going to take some odd twists and strange turns. Read: Online Dating Meets Adult Gaming (that's World Of Warcraft, hoss) has all of the bizarre details, but here's the Reader's Digest version:

Our story begins with a Canadian juvenile, who happened to be addicted to (the admittedly addictive) World Of Warcraft. The 16-year-old fellow actually saw a therapist due to his obsession with making digital creatures cut and fireball each other limb from limb from limb and, eventually, his love of the MMORPGs gave his parents enough pause to actually restrict his usage. Read: I Could Have Been A World Of Warcraft Widow

Along the way, however, the young man met a middle-aged Texan woman on the site. They may have swapped some epic-level weaponry, teamed up to defeat a malicious, demonic Prince Of Dark Tidings or just shared a moment. Whatever the case, they found each other and developed a friendship via IM.

Despite building their friendship upon a bed of lies—the young man told his new friend that he was 20 years old—he saw fit to actually alert his parents to this burgeoning friendship. There's no word on how they felt about this virtual relationship, but they forbade the young chap from seeing his Mrs. Robinson when she came to visit Ontario. But a young man in lust, particularly one with a taste for adventure, can only be kept down so long.

Our intrepid young hero went to the Texan mamacita like a moth to a flame. They hung out for a couple of days but, after being spotted by a concerned citizen, he was returned to his parents. Seeing as the age o' consent in Canada is a universal 16, she was not charged with sodomy or sexual shenanigans with a youngster. The Lone Star State (that's Texas) may have other plans.

Is there a moral? Probably not. Obviously, we shouldn't have sex and/or romantic relationships with underagers. Also, it should be noted that as hard of a time as we give video game shut-ins, they periodically have romance and sex with real people; they generally meet online.

What we should wonder, however, is: After chatting online with this young man for a year, weren't there any clues that he was 16 rather than 20?  That's a big four years. And, would this story be remotely OK in anyone's opinion if the older person were a dude, irrespective of the youngster's gender? Read: Why Geeks Are The New Chic

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