Tila Tequila Lets Grief Get The Best Of Her


Tila Tequila goes a little bit crazy after being forced to give up Casey Johnson's dogs.

It's only been three days since Johnson & Johnson heiress and Tila Tequila fiancee Casey Johnson's body was found in her home, and she was pronounced dead. In that time, the Internet has exploded with details of the formerly-not-so-well-known heiress's life, the world has speculated over the cause of her death (foul play? diabetes?) and Tila Tequila has gone (just a little more) nuts.

Both Casey and Tequila had been dogged by scandal in the months leading up to the December 7 video announcement of their engagement, in which Tila showed off her "17-carat diamond ring." This didn't change once the two moved forward in their plans to spend the rest of their lives together. Rumors of Casey's drug use ran rampant, and it was said that her family and friends attempted to convice her (unsuccessfully) to enter rehab. Ex-girlfriend Courtenay Semel told the press that Tila's engagement ring was a fake—as fake as their engagement—and that the ring had formerly resided on her own finger. Those in Casey's former life ganged up on Tila in the months leading up to Casey's death, and the scapegoating reached a fever pitch after Casey's demise.

The latest occurred yesterday, when Tila called the cops upon the arrival of Nicky Hilton and Bijou Phillips at her home. Hilton and Phillips had been close friends of Casey, and were reportedly there to retrieve her two dogs, Elvis and Zoe, along with some of Casey's other belongings, on behalf of the Johnson family.

Tila stood outside, weeping for the press, and ranting that the two girls meant to put the dogs down. "They don't care about the dogs. They are putting them to sleep to bury with Casey," she said.

A family spokesman denied this.

Hilton also held a memorial at her home for Casey, to which Tila was obviously not invited.

To add to the craziness, Tila has taken to her blog and mounted a personal attack on supermodel Jazmine Leonard, who had been trash-talking Tila on her own Twitter account. Leonard once pressed charges against Casey, claiming that the heiress had stolen some of her clothing, and left a used vibrator in her bed (sigh). On her blog, Tila rants that, "I was in the middle of helping my Fiance get away from that scene. They only used her when she had money, then when they sucked her clean, and she had nothing left, they left her, abandoned her, and then to make it worse, pressed charges against her hoping to get some money!"

At this point, we just wish poor Casey could rest in peace.