Smart Talk: Things Single Women Hate

Smart Talk: Things Single Women Hate
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When Julie Andrews wrote "5 Things Single Women Hate to Hear" you heard her loud and clear. Some of you balked, some of you identified and the discussion delved into the nature of marriage and to what extent should we be ourselves. Smart talk all around. Here are some of the highlights:

I am going to have to agree with the non-popular opinion that a lot of these remarks are
1. Conversation filler when your single friend is gonig on and on about how much she wants a boyfriend, or how she can't find someone, and you just don't know what to say
2. Suggestions that might actually be true
There is that quote, if you always do what you've always done you'll always get what you've always gotten- and from the outside looking in on some of my single friends, they are set in these patterns that are to me, part of the reason why they aren't successful. So when they ask me my honest opinion- and then they hate the answer --- (which in SOME cases are the hated remarks!) then they shouldn't ask my opinion....
When my single friends become super sensitive about these types of things- it leads me to believe they aren't quite as happy as they claim to be about being single (some don't claim to be happy at all) but if they are genuinely happy they wouldn't be so sensitive!

I loved the article. I hear you are too picky a lot and that scares me. Not sure how to even respond to that. There is a stigma that if you are single it is a handicap. Not everyone women on the planet who is single is gay or off putting to men. It can be really hard to date when you work 10 hours a day. As you get older, the list of available men shrinks. I am working on being ok with being myself and am sick of the silent thinking by married people or couples that being single is a illness that needs fixing.

...I don't know any grown-up single people who are unhappy with the choice they've made to stay single (it is a choice). I do know a lot of very unhappy married people, people in the process of getting divorced and people who are still emotionally damaged from bad marriages and divorces. That's the truth, btw.
But whenever anyone I know is unhappy with the state of their life (in any way: job, personal relationships, etc) I encourage them to make changes and/or seek help. Unhappiness sucks.