Rihanna Has A New Beau

Rihanna and Matt Kemp

Ri vacations in sunny Mexico, finds shade under a new man's umbrella.

Chris who?

Rihanna understandably has been pretty casual about dating since her turbulent relationship with singer Chris Brown came to a violent end early last year. (She's been linked to Justin Timberlake, Usher, and Tristan Wilds.) But Ri seems like she's finally ready to get serious with her new man, Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp. The two are currently enjoying a romantic getaway in Cabo San Lucas, where they're putting on quite a lovey-dovey show for beachgoers. Into The Wild: Your First Trip Together

"...the lovebirds 'couldn't keep their hands off of each other,' says an eyewitness, adding that once back on their patio the pair 'kept kissing while gazing out over the ocean.' 'Rihanna wants the world to know that she is happy with Matt,' says an insider. So far, things between them are looking good. He certainly kept her 'constantly giggling,' says an onlooker, when they went shopping at The Grove outdoor mall in L.A. on Dec. 22." [Source: People]

So much for all that "F love" stuff, right? We're glad that Rihanna has found herself a nice guy. And it's an upgrade in so many ways: Matt is a down-home Southern gentleman, a tall drink of buff, hunky water, and his nickname is "The Bison." That can only be good. (Sure, there's a boring baseball-related reason behind that nickname, but we prefer to keep our minds in the gutter.) 3 Ways To "Size" A Man Up

Photo via FlynetPictures.com.