Leap Year: Worth Seeing?


Amy Adams and Matthew Goode star in this syrupy love tale set in Ireland.

If you're a fan of romantic comedies, then Leap Year—the story of a woman's journey to Ireland so she can propose to her boyfriend—may (may) leave you sap-filled and misty-eyed. Romantic Comedies Warp Your Brain

If you aren't a fan of romantic comedies, then by all means wait until this baby hits Netflix. Even the charms of Amy Adams and undeniable charisma of Matthew Goode couldn't give this flick enough edge to soften the heart of a mild cynic with a major aversion to cliches (yours truly). YourTango Talks With Matthew Goode

Adams plays Anna, a well-off Boston career gal who seems to have it all—a glamorous job, a slammin' wardrobe and a rich, doctor boyfriend who shares her love of the finer things in life. Only one problem—said rich doctor hasn't proposed. And it's been four years. Panic! Gasp!

So Anna does what any logical woman would do when she wants a ring. She packs her bags and books a plane ticket to Ireland so she can meet her boyfriend at some sort of cardiology seminar and propose herself on February 29, aka leap day. Leap year proposals are an old Irish tradition where women muster the courage to invite their commitment-phobic boyfriends to walk down the aisle. (Eek!) He "Has A Lot Going On." What Does That Mean?

Travel doesn't go as planned when stormy weather knocks her off course and causes a layover. This gets her designer panties in a twist because it is paramount that Anna get there on leap day. She spends the night at an old Irish Inn and persuades the barkeep, Declan (Matthew Goode), to drive her to Dublin the next morning.

As you can probably guess, the scraggly barkeep and the polished elitist immediately hate each other and the first half of the movie explores their deep abhorrence for one another. Thankfully the beautiful Irish countryside and Declan's sexy brogue are enough to distract from the hackneyed dialogue. As you can probably guess, after a string of only-in-the-movies bad luck and a few bonding exercises where the pair are forced to act cutesy, Anna and Declan start to see each other with new eyes. Awwww. Opposites Attract When It Comes To Spending Money

We won't spoil the ending other then to say Anna does in fact meet up with her doctor, go back to Boston and a get her shiny finger bling. And if endings where wedding-hungry women somehow magically end up with aloof cardiologists or a crabby bartenders aren't your bag, then we suggest buying a ticket to Avatar instead.