52 Weeks, 30+ Dates, 1 Blog, 0 Husbands

Neenah Pickett
Love, Self

Neenah Pickett chronicles her year-long search for The One on her blog.

The New Year is off to a bittersweet start for Neenah Pickett.

The New Jersey media consultant, 43, spent all of 2009 searching for love and not finding it. Still, Pickett emerged with hope and pride intact.

At her Web site 52 Weeks 2 Find Him, she chronicled her dozens of dates and introduction to online dating and social networking sites—her message being that finding the love of your life should take work.

"I did not put any effort into dating and went on two first dates in 14 years," she said of her past approach. "I thought, 'If I give all my effort like I do in my career and other areas of my life, will that make a difference?'"

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Written by Lauren Fritsky for Lemondrop.