Sleep Your Way To A Better Relationship

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How just getting enough sleep can make you smarter, healthier and thinner.

Mom always got on us about getting our Z's every night. As annoying as that could be, as much as we wanted to stay up and talk on the phone/watch late night TV/read magazines, she was on to something. And who is the most sleep-deprived in our culture? You guessed it: single, working women and mothers. Sleep is one of the most basic, easiest and most essential ingredients to becoming a powerful and healthy woman yet consistently seems to be one of the first things left off of the busy woman's checklist. Maternal Me Vs. Sexual Sue: Dating As A Single Mom

Arianna Huffington from HuffPo and Glamour Editor-in-Chief Cindi Lieve are teaming up to challenge women to get a full night's sleep for one month and we heartily encourage you to join the experiment. Using Dr. Michael Breus, author of Beauty Sleep: Look Younger, Lose Weight, and Feel Great Through Better Sleep as a guide, here are some of the why's and how's to getting your sleep on track:

Your Brain Works Better. Bill Clinton famously slept five hours a night when he was in office and then later revealed "Every important mistake I've made in my life, I've made because I was too tired." Not sure if we remember, but he may have made a few... Also, what is one of the most common ways for cults to indoctrinate, and interogators to interogate? Depriving their subjects of sleep! Think back on a few recent tiffs with your significant other. How many of them happened when you were worn out?  How To Be A Workaholic And Have A Relationship

Beauty, Baby. Sleep loss can make your eyes and skin sag and discolor, and is a major contributor to premature aging. It can also make you gain weight. Dr. Breus actually says that sleep can take off more weight than exercise. If marathon romps are keeping you from your beauty sleep, well, lucky you... but it might be time to downgrade to half-marathons! Survey: Sleep Is Better Than Sex

Long-Term Effects. Animals deprived of sleep for too long eventually die. There are other serious ailments out there that stem from ongoing sleep loss, for example: A report by researchers at Washington University finds that chronic sleep deprivation in mice makes Alzheimer's Disease appear earlier, and more often than in mice getting normal amounts of shut eye. The effects of a night of lost sleep are immediately recognizable but it turns out there can be life-threatening long-term damage done by sleeplessness. Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired

Say "Yes" To This Proposal . Make a promise to yourself (and even to the YourTango community) to get a full night of sleep every night for a month. Check in with your sleep buddies and offer encouragement throughout the month. The effects should be "eye-opening!" Here's a super-secret tip: set a bed time and turn off your computer and TV at least half an hour beforehand to prevent you from surfing til the wee hours and getting stimulated by all of those flashing lights and moving pictures.

What do you think, can you and your S.O. vow to get a full night of sleep every night for a month? Try it and tell us the results.