Cindy Margolis Demands Potent Sperm. Do You?

cindy margolis

Reality dating show Seducing Cindy will require a sperm sample, gentlemen.

Cindy Margolis is back in the limelight. The internet's most downloaded woman has a television program on Fox, debuting January 30, 2010. The show, entitled Seducing Cindy, chronicles the newly-single Margolis' attempts to find a bloke. According to some of the tasks for the lovelorn gentlemen border on the risqué. Example: Margolis demands a sperm sample from her suitors.

Cindy Margolis has had well-publicized (self-publicized, in the case of her book) struggles with fertility. Her relationship difficulties are somewhat less well known. Given her use of alternative baby-making techniques, you can see why a man's fecundity would be important to her, in good taste or not. Read: Cindy Margolis Had A Hard Time Downloading A Baby

But is the quality of a man's sperm really the measure of his worthiness? Is she secretly just interested in seeing which guys can j.o. under pressure? Obviously, if you're keen to make some babies with a minimum of fuss, you need a guy whose swimmers excel in the areas of motility without being too overbearing (see super sperm). But you can't really tell how potent a guy is by looking at him. I have a buddy who seems like a regular dude and literally (OK, figuratively) knocks his wife up by looking at her. Read: Have More Sex, Increase Fertility: BRILLIANT!

But just because you're a good fatherer doesn't make you a good father or husband. And sometimes the testosterone that helps a fellow make mad babies, yo, also gives him a wandering eye. Other times testosterone makes a man's hair move from his scalp to his ear, neck or back. And in bad times it causes a fella's prostate to attack him. Read: Waxing Poetic About Waxing My Back

While potency and the ability to readily produce a DNA sample are worthy traits, I believe that there is more to a guy than his reproductive system. Feel free to call me crazy (but not silly).


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