Are Single Gals Thinner?

how to stay thin when married
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If we find love are we doomed to put on weight?

There's a whole lot to keep in mind before you pack up your bags (or he his) and rev up the U-Haul for the big move-in. And to be quite honest, if you're blissfully in love, the blinking orange "You May Gain 20 pounds" warning sign may get lost in your blind spot. As it should. Fat Girls Do Get Men

Or perhaps, if you're particularly enlightened, you've decided a little extra around the hips and middle doesn't matter really all that much.

And of course it doesn't. Until it happens, that is. Sex & The Curvy Girl

The New York Times recently featured a study of 6,000 Australian women that revealed significant weight gain after marrying or even moving in with a significant other. The researchers tracked the women for ten years and reported an increase in 20lbs if she married and had a baby, an increase in 15lbs if she was in a committed relationship but no child and only 11lbs if she was still a swinging single.

Clearly, this clan of ladies had a better time staying svelte if they were still on the prowl. Not surprising, really. We associate our sweaters and elastic-waist skirts (read: comfort) with the times we aren't agonizing over missed calls and confusing first dates. Plus, research shows we act like those around us. So, when we live with a man, we tend to eat like a man. But does this mean we're all statistically doomed to no longer fit our skinny jeans if we find love? Single And Getting Older? Why You Shouldn't Worry

While we think gifting ourselves a little padding is a rite of passage once you sail into "Committed Relationship" zone, we aren't convinced by these findings that the ladies got rounder due to their relationships. The researchers admit there was a decrease in exercise and more unemployment throughout the course of the study, so naturally when there's a decrease in activity the pounds are sure to pile on. Fat is Bad for Married Set

Aside from that, keeping our waistlines while cohabiting comes down to being vigilant about how we eat (read: more like we used to as a single girl; less like our 250-lb. husband does). And, perhaps we could all aim to be a little sportier with our significant others, too. Go bike riding, take up a class at the gym, train for a marathon, play kickball or the Wii, even. Or if you really aren't the sweat-in-public type, at the very least you could aim to have more athletic sex.

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