Dating Site Drops Fat Members: PR Stunt?

dating site kicks off fat members
Love, Sex eliminates members for holiday weight gain, but are the members really that hot? put on its Scrooge hat this holiday season and decided to cut some fat from the site. Online Dating Coaches Help Us Maximize Our Upside


Five-thousand members woke up one morning to find their accounts inactivated due to their holiday weight gain. When these newly fat (and presumably very happy) members foolishly posted pictures of themselves post-holiday eating, the more toned (and hungry) were furious. How dare they expect to maintain their page when struggling to button their pants? Clearly, a profile on is the dating world's equivalent of a Ford modeling contract. In case you didn't get the memo. (Hmmm.) Online Dating at OKCupid

Yet, the site's managing director, Greg Hodge, agrees wholeheartedly with the complaints and founder Robert Hintz even goes so far as to say the weeks between Thanksgiving and New Years pose a "direct threat" to the site's beautiful-people-only "business plan." Who knew a little fudge and turkey could cause so much suffering?

"Every year we see that some of our members from Western cultures eat and drink to excess over the holidays and clearly their looks suffer," Hodge said. "The USA has been grossly over-indulging since Thanksgiving— it's no wonder that so many members have been expelled from the network. We hope they will be back after shedding the festive pounds. In the UK and Canada, Christmas and the New Year are all about over-eating, over-drinking and watching TV on the sofa." 5 Countries Where Skinny Isn't Sexy

Of course, promises that once these "festive fatties" shed the jiggle they're once again allowed to hang with the cool kids on the internet. While a few hundred were indeed admitted again after passing the relentless yay/nay process, to show just how much they care a few links to some local fitness centers were added to the rejection e-mails.

Hintz babbles a bit more about having to uphold the high standards of beauty the site evokes, which is all fine and dandy, IF IT WERE TRUE. What A Man Sees When You're Naked

We aren't ashamed to admit we were curious and tried our luck with Would it be like leafing through a magazine, we wondered? Would we even get in? If we did—would anyone even message us with so much competition? While thrilled when granted access, we were shocked at how the site's patrons looked no different then anyone else you'd find online. Sure you had some 10's, but a large number of 7's and a few 5's even. In fact, we were just as turned off and on by our crop to choose from as we normally are. Bummer. Attraction At First Eye Contact?

Which had us wondering: is all this drama just PR theatre? A stunt of some sort to get curious people like us to join? Check out the site for yourself and tell us what you think.