Best Bedroom Vows For 2010

couple in bed
Self, Sex

Start off the new decade with a bang when you make these sexy resolutions.

  14. ...to just make out more often.
  15. ...to actually go to yoga so I can bend like a pretzel in the sack.
  16. ...to purchase bed raisers so my mattress will be the perfect height for my BF to do me standing up.
  17. ...to grow out my pubic hair and then get a proper wax instead of the hack job I do shaving every week.
  18. ...to do my Kegels every day!
  19. ...to hold out for someone I actually like—not because I think it's slutty to screw indiscriminately, but because it's more rewarding physically.
  20. ...to ALWAYS use condoms.
  21. ...to stop faking my orgasms.
  22. ...to get over my insecurity about having large and dangling labia.
  23. ...to get in better shape so I don't find getting on top to be so ... tiring.
  24. ...to not have any more drunken sex that I don't remember.
  25. ...to make love at least once, not just f**k.

Written by Amelia McDonnell-Parry for The Frisky

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