Best Bedroom Vows For 2010

couple in bed

Start off the new decade with a bang when you make these sexy resolutions.

Here are my resolutions for 2010: to go to Bikram yoga three days a week, to get in touch with friends I haven't seen in awhile, to pursue a new hobby (maybe photography), and to take two really awesome vacations. Oh, and I have a few sex resolutions too. Last year I vowed to give less blow jobs (achieved!), but 2010 is here, I'm back on the blowie train, and I'm ready to make a few new sexy vows for the next decade. After the jump are 25 sex resolutions—a few of them are mine, but I'm not telling which. What are your sex resolutions for the new year? The Frisky: 8 Reasons You're Not Having Enough Sex

   1. ...to shave my legs more often.

   2. ...to replace my stained period undies with saucy new pairs.

   3. ...to keep spicing things up.

   4. ...to get over my fear of sleeping with someone new. 10 Things Women Forget To Do During Sex

   5. ...to have more of it.

   6. ...to try a butt plug.

   7. ...to initiate sex with my boyfriend more. The Frisky: How Many Times A Year Do You Have Sex?

   8. ...to give more back rubs, instead of just receiving them all the time!

   9. ...to watch a porn together that we both think is sexy.

  10. ...to show him exactly how I like to be spanked.

  11. ...to go on the birth control pill so I can ditch condoms.

  12. ...to perfect his cunnilingus technique.

  13. ...to have an orgasm without the help of BOB (battery operated boyfriend). The Frisky: MERRIMe, A New Web Comedy About Online Dating