Feeling Your Date

Feeling Your Date

Do you know that a normal part of your human experience is
to interpret and feel other's energy? I am not talking about auras and spirits,
but actual biological processes! On a subconscious level, you can read someone
much greater than your conscious mind is aware. If you are present to your own
feelings, you can pick up the signals as to whether someone is interested in
you and even if they should be trusted.

Many singles go against their own inner nudging and grovel
after the guy or girl that is not right for them. The quickly dismiss their own
red flags which are right in their face and fall fast for Mr. or Ms. Wrong.
Feeling fooled after the relationship doesn't work out, they wonder how they
could make a better decision in the future. The easy answer is to listen and be
present with every date you encounter.

Each person has subtle body cues, facial expressions,
tonality in their voice that give away a plethora of information about who they
are, what they want and how they feel in your presence. You are not built to
process all of these signs on a conscious level, but you can check in with
yourself as to how you feel when you are with him or her to access subconscious
clues.  You may not know why or what
indicators gave you insight, but the important thing to identify is your true
inner voice telling you "yes" or "next."

The problem with internet dating is that you don't get to
take advantage of your full intuitive abilities via email and texting. You can
never know if there is a connection until you are both in each other's full
presence.  Have you ever had a great
email or text relationship until you meet in person and then everything falls
apart? You think, "What happened to that amazing guy with all that character?"
What you were really feeling is your excitement about the possibility of love
and the man with the text fulfilled your fantasy. Unfortunately, it was your
over-exaggeration of who he was that created the disappointment.

I also find that it is much easier to pretend over email or
text. When meeting a person face-to-face, someone who has trouble with
communicating will have a more uncomfortable experience. Their nervousness sends
out a feeling of distress turning off their potential partner. Electronically,
that fear is disguised well with an array of emoticons. Anyone can put a smiley
face or LOL in an email, but can they really express that in the flesh?

Check in with your feelings and see if the signal he or she
is sending is pleasant or unpleasant. You don't need to go to a psychic to
discover your romantic future; just access the magic subconscious crystal ball
deep within you.  A daily practice of
self-hypnosis visualizing your ideal mate will give you a clue as to how you
want to feel in their presence. As you familiarize yourself with that feeling,
you become an expert in recognizing the right person for you and alleviate
dating distractions.