Rosie O'Donnell's New GF: What You Don't Know

Rosie & Tracy in Love

The Wonder Woman that is Tracy Kachtick-Anders.

Kelli, who?

While it did take a few months of moping (I'm not enjoying the single life, but on we grow, so to speak," she has said), Rosie O'Donnell has now moved on from her long-time partner Kelli Carpenter.

And what a woman she has found in Tracy Kachtick-Anders, whom the world met via pictures of the two holding hands in Miami on December 29th.

So who is this "lovely, lovely person" that is making Rosie's life "yummy" and "delicious?"

She is an artist, a writer, an inventor, an activist, and a mother of six. Here are the details.

Artist: About her art, which can be found at ($200-$400), she has said: "I don't take any of it too seriously. Earlier in my work, I did much more serious issues, AIDS, poverty, etc, but it has lightened up a bit. I am more interested in showing how everything is connected, making women turn into butterflies or trees, or work out my dreams through my art."

Writer: Tracy is a writer for the online newspaper The Examiner, where she covers the LGBT parenting beat. A selection of her articles can be found here.

Inventor: As the mother of a special-needs child, Tracy invented the Sleep Tight Wedge — a raised wedge device intended to mitigate sleep-related afflictions for children with various medical needs. You can check it out here.

Activist: Personal experience as a lesbian, single mother inspired Tracy to launch the Open Arms Campaign, a non-profit, volunteer organization targeted at the LGBT community that recruits foster and adoptive families that targets the LGBT community.

Mother: Tracy has five children: two adoptions, one alternative insemination birth, two legal guardianships. In case you're counting, add that to Rosie's brood and this modern-day Brady Bunch is at 10. Pregnancy Rates For Lesbians And Bisexuals On Rise

Doula: What else doesn't this woman do? Apparently, she is also a doula (according to a link on her Facebook page), which if you don't know is a kind of an earth-mama-y midwife. For more information about Rosie's new flame, check out this longer write-up.

Scoop via PopEater.