Former American Idol-er Jason Castro Gets Hitched


This former American Idol contestant had a short engagement. A long marriage to follow?

This past Saturday, former American Idol contestant Jason Castro married girlfriend Mandy Mayhall in a ceremony near his hometown of Dallas, Texas.

This past Halloween, Castro had proposed to Mayhall, while the two were reportedly dressed up as characters from Disney's Beauty and the Beast, a tidbit so painfully adorable, it only makes us hope even more desperately that the two will forever be making sweet music together (can we get a choreographed, romantic slow dance going? Like, right now?). The couple confirmed their engagement in November, leaving us simultaneously wringing our hands at the blind hopefulness of youth (Castro is only 22), and crossing our fingers that they'll have what it takes to make it last.

In true Web 2.0 fashion, Castro blogged about his bachelor party on his website, a celebration complete with bowling, poker and pool. Guests at Castro's wedding then tweeted throughout the main event and, afterward, Castro himself tweeted: "Yesterday, I married the girl of my dreams. It couldn't have been more perfect! Now, honeymoooon!!! :)" Awww... (What we would have tweeted had Twitter existed back in the dark ages when we were married: "Thank god it's over. Someone forgot to bring us our pre-ceremony cocktail!")

Now that the deed is done, Castro is preparing for the January 12 release of his EP, The Love Uncompromised, which will be followed by a full-length album in the spring. He's also preparing to kick off a tour later this month. Remember to spend some quality time with your new wife, Jason!