Elin's Alpine New Years Vs Tiger's NYC Vodka Binge

Elin Nordegren

Elin Nordegren says "au revoir deux mille neuf!"

It's easy to imagine Elin Nordegren saying to herself, "au revoir deux mille neuf!" while bounding down a black diamond trail on some mountain high in the French Alps.

It's the New Year, and for Elin that means... a new start? Maybe — January 1st did mark the start of a new year and a new decade for the scorned wife and Sweden's heroine du jour, who turned 30 when the clock hit 12:00 am. Is Tiger Really The Story Of The Year/Decade?

But a new start at what? How? With or without whom? And in what context? All questions she has surely been asking herself while holed up with family and friends in an $8,000-a-night, seven-room chalet outside of the French Alpine resort town Chamonix.

The reports are that she is happy, letting her hair down while hitting the slopes and dining out with her twin sister Josefin and about five other close friends. Of course, it didn't hurt that Tiger's birthday present to her was a reported $300 million 
 that's $100 million for every year alive, or $20 million for every alleged mistress as HollywoodLife.com points out.

Various tabloids are reporting that this vacation is intended to have a head-clearing effect for Elin, with a family friend saying to The Sun, that "Elin wanted to take her family and close friends away from the minefield Tiger has created by his behaviour..." telling him that "she needed a lengthy time apart to reflect on how they might possibly salvage the marriage." Disappearing: The Kindest Way To Break Up?

However, what she has decided is anything but clear. That same Sun source says that Elin does seen a future with Tiger "because of the beautiful children they have." But of course, a future together doesn't necessarily mean living under one roof sharing a marital bed.

Other outlets report that Elin has been seen on the slopes with her wedding ring back on, a sure sign that she intends to stick with her marriage. While others claim that it is not Elin, but her sister Josefin.

Still another British tabloid has a source reporting that Elin is 100% determined to split with Tiger: "When she boasted of the '$300 million Christmas gift' and then laughed, it was clear to everyone around her that she's more focused than ever about moving on with her life" the source said to The Daily Mirror, adding that Papa Tiger has not seen his two children for more than a month and had to mail them their Christmas presents.

But where is Tiger? Tiger Woods Admits He "Let Family Down"

The sad rumor has it that he is in New York City, staying in Trump Tower with bottles of vodka and leggy blondes. Per TMZ, the story goes like this:

Tiger checked in on New Year's Day and booked a block of rooms under an assumed name. He allegedly replaced hotel security with his own detail, locking down an entire floor. This morning, we're told, Tiger had the gym locked down from 4:00-6:00 AM. So here's where it gets hard to swallow ... Tiger has allegedly been seen going in and out of the hotel with a leggy blonde. He also, allegedly, ordered up 20 bottles of vodka and 15 cases of Red Bull to his hotel room ... after two more women showed up to his room.

For their marriage's sake, this better not be true.

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Photo via Bauer-Griffin.