Jude & Sienna's Holiday Pregnancy Scare

Jude Law & Sienna Miller

That's right, the two are lovers once again.

Sienna and Jude are pretty much confirmed lovers at this point: vacationing with your old flame and his children during the holidays is basically a clincher! According to Star (grain of salt, people), Sienna has already had a pregnancy scare during her "Jude + Sienna: Take II" fling.

First of all, now that Jude and Sienna are back on, what do you think? I am having a major 2005 flashback, but I feel like Sienna's reputation is basically ruined now. From Balthazar Getty to the nanny-banger, it's like she's come full-circle, not in a good way.

Star says that the two will be moving into Jude Law's $6.9 million NYC apartment, and that they are "stronger than ever." Apparently Sienna is adding her own "special touch" to the place, and they are in the nesting zone.

Now on to this pregnancy thing. Apparently the heat of the moment ended up leading to unprotected sex between Sienna and Jude, which put Sienna in freakout mode when she realized she was late. Celeb Relationship Resolutions For 2010

"Sienna realized she was late [in mid-November], and she freaked!" an insider revealed to the tabs. "They're still working things out, really, and she was afraid that getting pregnant would ruin everything."

Jude is rather unpredictable, and he does have three (oh, make that four) kids already. Jude Law 'Forgets' About His Daughter

"Jude was really supportive. Sienna even took the home test at his place," the source continued. "It was a false alarm. She was likely just late from the stress of her Broadway show."

I really hope Jude and Sienna wait on having that baby!

Written by Meieli Sawyer Detoni for LimeLife.

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