Love Bytes: The Desire Disease

Sex, Family

Persistent sexual arousal syndrome, dating as a single parent, and desire and pornography.

Love Bytes: three must-click sex, dating and relationship links.

Are you constantly turned on? Do you have hundreds of unprovoked orgasms every day? You may be thinking I wish, but it's actually an unpleasant medical condition known as persistent sexual arousal syndrome, or PSAS. [Dear Sugar]

When should single parents tell their kids about a new relationship? And how soon should kids meet their parent's new love interest? [SingleMomSeeking]

Is porn more focused on male or female desire? [XX Factor]

Over the years, porn has taken a beating at the hands of those who deem it misogynist garbage. In fact, I'd argue, pornography is obsessed primarily with female desire. That the product its industry produces is less socially acceptable than the polysyllabic studies of [Daniel] Bergner's "postfeminist" desire hunters in lab coats doesn't make it any less revealing of how complicated it gets for all of us when it comes to sex, and how little any of us know about our own desires.