Madonna and A-Rod Heating Up?


Rumor has it the duo had another rendezvous at Seinfeld’s place.

Here's a little quick and dirty one for you: did you know that Jerry Seinfeld was running a secluded location for star-crossed lovers to have a little afternoon delight? Yeah, neither did we. Word has it that Madonna and former expensive boy toy Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez spent some time together this past weekend together at Jerry’s Hamptons estate.

We reported that the two had quite the public display of affection between both their divorces and yet seems things had appeared to take the natural "rebound relationship" course. Could this be a rekindling of a romance or is this perhaps evidence that Madonna’s just not done toying with him yet? Whatever the case, it looks like the Material Girl has wasted no time getting Into the Groove once more.

Scoop courtesy of Perez Hilton. Photo courtesy of Splash News.